apertura hotel nota prensa 1966
cafeteria 1970 campovolantin
habitación 1990 hotelcondeduquebilbao
1985 recepcion hotelcondeduquebilbao

June 10th 1966 at 12:15am is oficially opened our hotel. Located in Campo Volantin 22 just by the river side in Bilbao city, where the actual and world wide known Bilbao city, that was just about to grow.

Now we are a 3*** stars hotel, and the oldest in town, (There is one hotel built before us in 1926 Hotel Carlton but, they were closed for a few years). We´ve been having the budgett of keep our services up to date, a confortable deco and all tecnical confort needs for our guest along the years.


  • Hotel Opening


    Hotel Opened with 75 rooms and category 1ºA (no star rate at that time; now 69 rooms and 3***), in one of best areas in Bilbao city.

  • Flooding


    Afected by 1983 rived flood the 26th of August, that riched the 1º floor, afecting the restaurant, lobby and reception by the water & mood of Nervion river.

    Today, the river is perfectly controled due to new work by the river side, where there is no rain that will afect us again.

  • 25th anniversary


    25 years arelady, and many popular stars visited us by that time. Many changes, such as refurnised, get the 3º star, and also adapting staff with new tecnologies and services up to new clients needs.

  • Air Conditioning


    We decided to introduce the air conditioning in our rooms and all the hotel looking for the comfort of our clients.

  • With Sercotel & Best Western

    1994/2000 - 2002/2013

    We started as first Sercotel associated hotel in Spain (now, no relationship). Also, since 2002 to 2013 we were Best Western Hotel, as associated hotel.

    Now, we are a private hotel focused on best service, with an identity to offer the best experiences in our hotel.

  • Always fit


    Looking for the best comfort, best services for our guest, we keep refurnishing our rooms, bathrooms, lobby, etc, because we are here to care and look for the best for you.

  • First hotel in Spain


    First hotel in Spain having a world wide quality program ISO 9000 with all quality certifications.

  • First Hotel in town with WiFi


    First hotel to offer internet connection with WiFi in the rooms and all common areas. We want guests conected any where they come from.

  • Guggenheim´s hotel associated


    We are corporate members of Bilbao Guggenheim museum fundation. Is an honor to be oficial company sopporting culture and art.

  • Accessibility


    New entrance look with improved accessibility to the hotel is the latest work focused on better ramp access, and a modern terrace of our restaurante at the entrance.

  • 50th anniversay


    ... comming up next year. We are working on many surprises.