Get fit and give yourself a sauna

In the hotel gym you can keep your training during your trip to Bilbao.


Spinning bike



Dumbbells set

Sauna (unisex)

Resting area

Ducha (unisex)

BH Bikes

Gimnasio Hotel Conde Duque Bilbao

Open from 07:00 to 22:00. Free access for guests staying at the hotel.

Gym and sauna rules

In order to facilitate the proper functioning of the GYM and to safeguard the safety and the common good, it is necessary to:

  • Have an appropriate CLOTHING and sports shoes.
  • Stay DRESSED at all times.
  • Use a TOWEL during the training and leave the benches and machines in perfect working order at the end of the exercise.
  • Make a correct use of the MATERIAL and the EQUIPMENT, as well as the FACILITIES, being expressly forbidden to throw the dumbbells, weights on the ground. Any deterioration due to improper use thereof will be paid the person who caused it.
  • COLLECT the material used and return it to the correct place at the end of the exercise.
  • Keep the facilities and their auxiliary elements CLEAN.
  • HYDRATE yourself during the training session.
  • ADAPT the type of exercise and intensity to your current physical condition.
  • Access allowed only to ADULTS (over 18).

It is forbidden to:

  • Remove MATERIAL from the room.
  • EAT in the facilities.
  • SMOKING, and the consumption of illegal drugs or doping substances in all facilities.
  • Use the facilities in a state of intoxication or under the effects of any narcotic substance.
  • Any unhygienic or indecorous attitude.
  • Behaviours that involve DANGER to the physical integrity of other users and for oneself.

In order to facilitate the proper functioning of the SAUNA and to safeguard the safety and the common good, it is necessary to:

Notify the reception of the Hotel Conde Duque Bilbao at least 45 minutes before use.

It is not allowed:

  • The use of street shoes in the cabin and shower area.
  • The use of electrical devices in the enclosure.
  • To dye, to be depilated, to be shaved, etc.

It is mandatory:

  • The use of a TOWEL in the cabin to sit or to lie down.

It is not advisable to use it if you are suffering from hypertension, venous insufficiency, cardiac problems and cardiovascular diseases and it is forbidden to pregnant women.

General considerations:

  • The maximum number of users at the same time of the gym is 6 and 4 in the sauna.
  • The instructions from hotel employees regarding the use of the facilities must be followed always.
  • In case of noticing any flaw of material and facilities, or having any question, please notify it immediately to the staff of the reception of Hotel Conde Duque Bilbao.
  • It is not allowed to remain in the facilities after closing.
  • It is prohibited to access with glass or metal containers.
  • In accordance with the Organic Law 1/1982, of May 5, on civil protection of the right to honour, personal and family privacy and one’s own image, it is strictly forbidden to take photographs and / or videos of the facilities and of the people who are in them, without express written authorization of the Company, or without the express consent of them.
  • The Hotel reserves the right of admission in this Gym and Sauna space.
  • The Hotel Conde Duque Bilbao is committed to keeping the facilities in good condition and in the hygienic conditions necessary for their use.
  • The Conde Duque Bilbao hotel is not responsible for accidents that may occur to users during the use of facilities and equipment.
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